Nonprofit Business Planning & Grant Readiness

Description: This track is for participants seeking to learn how to improve their nonprofit’s financial performance. The presentation will focus on nonprofit organizations or other social programs struggling to generate consistent revenues. The skill sets learned can be applied to any type of nonprofit endeavor. Participants will learn about social enterprising and why business modeling, budgeting, monitoring cash flows, and calculating break-even points are important. This track will teach participants how to develop user-friendly business plans that improve performance and guide growth. Participants will learn about the importance of offering products and services that create value in the marketplace. In addition, participants will be guided through the process of identifying a product/service’s target market and how to design a sales funnel that increases revenue.

This course will use multiple learning tools including case studies, individual and small group exercises, as well as PowerPoint slides and written materials. The trainer will guide the learning activities and provide background lecture for new concepts and methods.


By the end of this session, participants should be able to:

1)    Describe how nonprofits can use traditional business principles to fulfill their missions

2)    Define sustainability

3)    Develop a sustainable business model

4)    Increase their nonprofit’s cash and in-kind resources

5)    Create products and services that offer value to customers

6)    Identify prospective customers

Chataun R. Denis
Chataun R. Denis is chief consultant and founder of Grant Source and author of “My Formula for Nonprofit Success, The 3 Ps: Passion, Planning, & Profits”. Denis has 20 years of experience working in the nonprofit arena in various capacities including direct service, development, and administration. She has helped raise over $4 million for a variety of charitable causes. She holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology from Wright State University, a Master’s degree in Urban Planning, Design, and Development with an emphasis in Housing and Neighborhood Development from Cleveland State University, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (focus: Leadership Studies) from Baker College. Denis’ current work through Grant Source is helping social entrepreneurs and grassroot nonprofit organizations build their capacity to fulfill their missions. For nonprofits in the start-up phase, Denis offers “Business Planning Made Easy”, which is a business planning program offering a workbook complete with free video supplements as well as online business strategy sessions on topics related to business modeling, fundraising, and budgeting. For established nonprofit organizations, Denis provides grant writing outsourcing which specializes in foundation and local government grants. Since forming the company in 2007, Denis’ proposals have helped generate over $3 million through these sources. Denis has partnered with Emory University, Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Foundation Center, DeKalb County Library and a host of other civic and nonprofit organizations to provide community-based and continuing education courses on grant writing and nonprofit business planning. For fun, Denis enjoys dining, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Born and raised in Ohio, Denis now resides in the metro Atlanta area with her husband and daughter.