Brown Bag Lecture Series

Upcoming Brown Bag Lectures


Past Brown Bag Lectures: 

The Immunologic Link Between Intimate Partner Violence and HIVJan. 8th 2015Speaker: Dr. Ameeta Kalokhe 

A Grounded Theory of College Students' Experience with Suicidal PeersOct. 22nd 2014Speaker: Amanda Garcia-Williams 

Safety Assessment in the Home and Community following Moderate to Severe TBIMarch 28th 2014Speaker(s): Dr. Ron Seel, Dr. Stephen Macciocchni

Strangulation & Domestic Violence: Saving Lives by Enhancing our ResponseJan. 27th 2014Speaker(s): Greg Loughlin, Allison Smith-Burk

Scholarship Around Partner Violence & the Community ResponseOct. 24th 2013Speaker(s): Dr. Betty Woodman, Dr. Angela Amar, Mr. Cory Woodyatt

Injury Legislation in Georgia: A Panel DiscussionMay 20th 2013Speaker(s): Beth Reimels, Carol Ball, Stephanie Lotti, Jamila PopeModerator: Dr. Phaedra Corso

Poisoning Surveillance & EpidemiologyMarch 22nd 2013Speaker: Dr. Josh SchierPoisoning Surveillance & Epi Growth of Suicide Prevention Activities in Georgia since 2000: Highlighting the Public Health Approach

Jan. 24th 2013Speaker: Dr. Carol KoplanSuicide Prevention in GA Social Structure and Serotonin: Understanding the Roots of Violence

Oct. 22nd 2012Speaker: Dr. Abigail Hankin-WeiSocial Structure and Serotonin Readiness for Transition to Adulthood in Teens with Acquired Brain InjuryMay 3rd 2012Speaker: Dr. Julie Haarbauer-Krupa

Teens with Acquired Brain Injury Crime in Motion: Predation, Retaliation, and the Spread of Urban ViolenceMarch 20th 2012Speaker: Dr. Volkan Topalli

Social Media Brown BagUrban Violence Brown Bag Creating a Social Media ImpactFeb. 23rd 2012Speaker(s): Michael Mumper, Kris McInerny, Kate Finneran

Honor Killings Brown BagThe Epidemiological Patterns of Honor Killings of Women in PakistanJan. 20th 2012Speaker: Dr. Muazzam Nasrullah

SUID Brown Bag Sudden Unexplained Infant Death (SUID) Risk Factors and Prevention OpportunitiesOct. 20th 2011Speaker(s): Arleymah Raheem & Carri Cottengim 

Drowning Brown Bag Drowning PreventionMay 17th 2011Speaker(s): Terri Miller & Arleymah Raheem Elder MistreatmentMarch 17th 2011Speaker(s): Dr. Brian Payne & Dr. Sheryl Strasser

Elder Mistreatment Brown Bag School-based Screening for Behavioral and Emotional RiskJan. 20th 2011Speaker(s): Dean Randy Kamphaus & Dr. Bridget

DeverSchool-based Screening Brown Bag   PTSD Intervention for Latino WomenOct. 19th 2010Speaker(s): Dr. Ursula KellyPTSD

Intervention Brown Bag YIPES! Youth Injury Prevention @ ShepherdMay 20th 2010Speaker(s): Dr. Herndon Murray, Cindy Hartley, Cathi Dugger

The Participatory Culture Specific Intervention Model: A Guide to Preventive Intervention ResearchFeb. 25th 2010Speaker(s): Dr. Joel Meyers, Dr. Kris Varjas Violence & Vulnerability at GradyDec. 10th 2009 Speaker(s): Dr. Debra Houry, Dr. Nadine Kaslow, Jennifer Felner

Violence & Vulnerability Lecture Elder AbuseOct. 15th 2009Speaker(s): Dr. Brian Payne